Passing of some people makes the world colder for everyone else…

Passing of some people makes the world colder for everyone else…


Today was different. On my way to the airport I got my phone out to load up my usual playlist, but something stopped me. I wanted something else. I wanted to silently grieve the loss of a legend. I needed it. Perhaps, this was my way of paying tribute to this musician, composer and above all human who has lived for so many people.

The search box was right in front of me. “Charles Aznavour” I typed. The news about his death came up first.

No, I didn’t want to listen to the news. My newsfeed had been flooded with millions of news stories…people mourning, putting flowers and lighting candles.  I didn’t want to read. I didn’t want to see.

The search box came up again. “Charles Aznavour music” I tried again.  It didn’t matter which song. Hearing his voice was enough. This was what I needed. Not many realised why I had to cover my eyes behind my sunglasses and clear my tears away as they overflowed my face.

It was an unusual feeling…similar to losing someone dear to your heart. It made me question life and death.

The passing of some people makes the world colder for everyone.  Charles Aznavour was that person. His masterpieces were enough to touch each person’s heart who had listened to them. But his greatness lay beyond his music. It was in the way he was not indifferent to the world, to people, to an entire nation. He chose to be kind in this often cruel and ruthless world. He was an epitome of humility, a person who would put everyone’s needs before his.

Some people don’t die. They live through their character, life and works eternally. He will forever live in my heart and be a reminder of what matters in life and the kind of legacy that we should aim to leave behind. Not all of us are blessed with such a legendary talent, but we can all be kind, empathetic and aspire to touch others’ hearts.

Rest in peace, Charles Aznavour.

P.S. Links to some of the legendary music by Charles Aznavour.

Hier encore

La mamma

Et Moi Dans Mon Coin

Yesterday when I was young

Un vie d’amour



Do you practise gratitude when days are mundane?

Do you practise gratitude when days are mundane?

Ironically, this was on one of the less mundane and more exciting days when I got to be on top of the Telstra Tower in Canberra at the right time.

My 2018 diary has a little section that makes me write one thing for which I am grateful every day. To be honest, I do not follow it religiously. It so happens that some days remain blank. Sometimes, when I have too many gaps in the week, I sit down at the end of the week, and, in an attempt of having a perfectly filled out gratitude week, I try recalling all the interesting and unusual things that have happened to me through the week.


But we all can agree that expecting to have a life where each day is filled with excitement and novelty is unrealistic, to say the least.

Most of the days are 9-5. Most of the days are wake up-work-cook-eat-sleep. It comes down to our ability to see the good and unusual in everyday mundane things. It is up to us to see the highlights in everyday life.

And if you are really stuck, why not be grateful for things that you do not have in your life? You may be happy because you do not have to worry about finding a job, or you do not have serious health issues. You may be grateful that you do not have big worries, and you do not have almost any limits of learning new skills.

Artwork by Jessica Durrant

I like the analogy of negative space. Looking at this painting, you are most likely to see the portrait first, even if it is more ‘colourless and boring’ than the colourful and exciting background.

How much happier would we be if we perceived life in a negative space, like this artwork? If we also noticed all the things that do not cause troubles and worries to us.

Sometimes it is not about what is present there. It is more about what is not there.

And this is why, now my gratitude weekly list is filled with things such as “I do not have to worry about cooking dinner tonight, because I have a warm soup”, “I got to come home early today”, “I got to talk to family on Skype”, “I didn’t get out of home and rested” and even “I wasn’t late for 9am uni class after the 6am Sydney to Melbourne flight”.



IMG_6233elI think autumn deserves its own blog post. It has always been one of my favourite seasons because of its beautiful colours.

It has always inspired me to create something. When I was younger, I used to collect red, orange and yellow leaves, cut them out and stick onto the paper creating an ‘artwork’. Now I get joy from bringing its colours to life by photographing it. Here is some of the photography I did over the weekend.

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Tiny letters to 7 inanimate objects

Tiny letters to 7 inanimate objects


A letter to the blank canvas

Dear Blank Canvas,

I know that I have been uncomfortably staring at you for the past one hour, making few unsuccessful pencil strokes that I rubbed off hurriedly, but please trust me. I will sit here letting my imagination wander, my emotions come forward and my visions come alive right in front of you and on your very soft surface. Believe in me, like you always do, and together we will create a beautiful piece of art.

A letter to my phone Read more

12 Unusual things to do in Melbourne as a couple

12 Unusual things to do in Melbourne as a couple



After living in Melbourne for close to two years, I have concluded that there are many unique and unconventional things to do here. If you are running out of ideas, I have compiled a list of what I believe are the most fun and interesting things to do as a couple (or with friends).

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A letter to my 15-year old self

A letter to my 15-year old self

Dear Ani,15822578_10157956514535655_6688043431274218916_n.jpg

I am not here to tell you what will happen in your future. I am here to be next to you at the time of your life when you are going through many unknowns.

You are experiencing a lot of doubts about yourself and a lot of emotions about life. You are uncertain of what will happen in future.

I want to tell you one thing: your biggest dream will come true. That thing that you keep praying about will happen even if you can hardly believe it…very soon, just be patient and wait a couple of years. Read more

Let’s end this shopping frenzy…

Let’s end this shopping frenzy…

Sydney Central Arcade: shops, shops, and more shops…

I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with conversations that start something like this: “So when do you plan on finishing your Christmas shopping?”, “What are you buying?”, “Have you got a shopping list?” and so on and so forth…

With Christmas being just around the corner, these conversations are becoming commonplace.

Why is it that Christmas is associated with shopping so much? And not only Christmas…Why is it that, as a society, we are so obsessed with buying?

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